How to Check if You Have a Crooked Horse

Welcome to my very first video blog! Many horse owners want to know how to tell if there’s something wrong with their 4 legged friend so I thought it would help to post a few videos showing some obviously crooked horses. We rarely stand behind our horses and watch them moving but if you’re hacking out or in the school ask a friend to video you in a straight line. This will also help you spot if you’re wonky too! The more horses you watch move the more you’ll start to notice things.

In this video Olly is holding his hind quarters to the right and doesn’t have even swing through his lower back. The rider can feel he really struggles on the left rein when schooling. Often just a few treatment sessions will resolve issues such as this. It will make a huge difference to how your horse feels and performs when ridden as well as making them a lot more comfortable and pain free.