In 2015 I began working with Jaguar Land Rover on a fantastic innovative technology to make equine transportation safer and less stressful for both owner and horse. Here is the result of all our hard work!

Transparent Trailer and Cargo Sense!!!

(This technology was showcased at the 2015 Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials.)

Whether it is to help prevent road accidents and injuries to horse and handler, or even to simply ensure your horse arrives at its destination stress free, I’m sure every owner would like to learn how to reduce stress for their horse during travel.

Gaining a better understanding of the environment inside the trailer, and the horse’s reaction to it, would make the animal more comfortable during travel and ensure the horse is capable of performing to the best of its ability.

I’ve been invited to be the Research Lead for The British Animal Rescue and Trauma Care Association (BARTA) and along with the support of Nottingham Trent University I’ve designed a pioneering project to provide a wealth of data on the physiological and behavioural responses of horses to transportation. This information will not only improve the safety of horse transportation but also aid optimum performance when your horse reaches its destination.

Land Rover’s new technology was shown off at the 2015 Burghley Horse Trials and received excellent feedback.