Jo Ward- event riderAnimal Rehabilitation


I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Emma and having her treat my horses for around 8 years now. Emma treats all my horses, from the youngsters to my top 3 star horses.
Emma’s always punctual and professional and goes the extra mile, listening to any concerns I may have and taking a genuine interest in getting my horses to the top of their game and keeping them there throughout the season. Emma works closely with the local vets and other professionals which really help to provide a knowledgeable and supportive service.

Animal Therapist

Sarah Dibble and Chaz


Professional, thorough, always punctual and wow what a difference to Chaz after he’s been treated, worth every penny!


Working Trial Champion Waggerland MurphyWorking Trial Champion Waggerland Murphy (3rd yr running)

Murphy is a six and a half year old Working Sheepdog. He has a very busy schedule competing and training for Working Trials, which requires him to be very fit, in mind and body all year round. This sport comprises various groups of exercises which needs the dog to have stamina, commitment and physical/mental fitness. The dog is basically an athlete.

To help keep Murphy in tip top condition he is regularly checked over by Emma. He can get strains, muscle aches, knocks and bruises or maybe just a bit tired, so it is a regular maintenance programme every 4 months rather than a cure when injured. Emma has done a fantastic job with Murphy keeping him supple and making sure everything is in the right place and working properly. He has been very successful in his field to the highest standard, of which I thank Emma for her part for her professionalism and understanding of the sporting dog.

Murphy enjoys his treatment sessions with Emma, I’m sure he looks forward to her visits. You can see it really relaxes him as he nearly falls asleep and the pleasure in his eyes says it all.

Chris Cox and RobbieChris Cox and Robbie


Thanks Emma for your support and encouragement throughout the 3 years of Robbie’s transition tobarefoot. Your expertise has been invaluable during this time

Julie Atkins and Our DugJulie Atkins and Working Trials Champion Our Dug


Dug is doing great and is feeling so well it just shines out of him. To prove it he won the ticket in Yorkshire on the last day of 2009. Thanks so much Emma for all your help in getting him well again.

Heidi Harris with Malinka and MillieMalinka and Millie

I have known Emma for a number of years, she is the most professional, punctual, kind and knowledgeable person I have met, she has work well with my four mares, particularly with Millie, who has had issues with her feet, resulting in an imbalance with her body, but with the help of Emma and her treatment Millie is doing amazing. Emma is also working with my three year old and introducing her to a regular McTimoney session. I can not recommend Emma enough. Emma will happily work alongside your vet and farrier to provide knowledgeable and supportive help.

Victoria Watters and PuzzleVictoria Watetrs and Puzzle

Emma has treated my horses for a number of years now. My previous horse suffered with ringbone with consequential compensating difficulties and he benefitted greatly from regular McTimoney treatments from Emma who was understanding and sympathetic to the horse’s requirements and limitations. Emma takes the time to explain the treatments being given and how this may influence the horse’s movement. I currently compete my cob at Elementary and am working on Medium level movements at home, qualifying for the British Dressage Pet Plan Area Festival and National Gypsy Cob Championships last year. We also take part in xc training, showing and regular pleasure rides. I consider Emma’s treatment to be an essential part of a global holistic approach to maintaining my horse’s health and wellbeing and to ensure that he is able to comfortably engage in the work being asked of him. I would highly recommend Emma for her professional approach and understanding of horses and their owner’s expectations.

Sue and Gordon Hall and Leanne Mitchellesnuff

Emma treats 10 of our horses, ranging from 14.2 to 19.0hh. Without her this big chestnut boy would probably not be rideable, but with treatments and advice he is hunting well.




South Notts Dog Grooming and MuppetMuppet with Pyramid

Just a quickie to Auntie Emma,

Sending you picks to show that I am enjoying days out with Mum and Mamma even though I can’t walk as far as I used to. But at least I can still walk, and that is down to the treatment you have given to me over the years. Your patience and care is much appreciated. At 14 years old, I would be a very stiff, uncomfortable soul, struggling along without my Chiropractic treatments.

Thank you, Muppet. 🙂