I offer tailored half and full day courses for both horses and dogs helping owners and trainers with:Equine massage courses

  • Understanding equine/canine biomechanics and how to check if a horse’s/dog’s back is sore?
  • How should my horse/dog move – learn about gait and how to spot when things aren’t right?
  • Learn exercises to help your horses/dog suppleness, core strength and top -line, prepare for competition, recover faster from exercise, and help prevent injury – exercises and stretches for the stable/ on the ground/ and ridden exercises tailored to you and your horse.

These courses are a fantastic way to gain that competitive edge or just to help maintain your animal’s well being. You will learn how to keep your animal at their optimum level by helping to keep them fit, strong and healthy.

Courses are usually held at the owner’s own yards or homes, the benefits of working with one’s own animal to highlight specific areas to focus and work on.

To book an appointment and details of training classes offered please call me on 07779029080 or email:

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